Arts Interview: ‘Actors Anonymous’ | Part 1 Chris Abernathy and Tim Astor

April 21, 2017

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Arts Interview: 'Actors Anonymous' | Part 1: In-Depth Conversation with Producers Chris Abernathy and Tim Astor

This week Ruth Copland's guests are from the Hollywood film 'Actors Anonymous' starring James Franco, Scott Haze and Jake Robbins. The story is based on James Franco's book of short stories about the acting life. The film shows the underbelly of LA and how the path to acting success can be very rocky, if not dark, and considers what success in art and in life really means. The public image of Hollywood is very glamorised and we don’t really see all the people who never hit the big time and what they might have done in order to try to make it and/or how committed they are to their art. In Part 1 Ruth talks to producers Chris Abernathy and Tim Astor about how and why the film got made.

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